Vivo enables us to provide points, or Vs, to reward positive behaviour. Children can save up their Vs in a personal account and exchange them for a range of items through our on-line ‘shop’.

Vivo allows us to be more consistent in the way we recognise your child’s efforts and to support your child’s needs more effectively. Your child gets early experience of choosing how much to ‘spend’ or save and it’s their decision what to do with their Vs.

Importantly, Vivo gives you the opportunity to see the progress your child is making and to celebrate, with us, their successes. Join other parents in seeing how it all works by logging on at using the details you have received.

For details on how to login and use the system, please click on the link below.

Vivo Miles (Parents Info)

To link to the Vivomiles Website, please click here.

Some of the items available in the Vivo Shop are supplied by Argos.

The document below shows students how they download the voucher that will allow them to collect it from Argos.

Vivo items from Argos