Respect Day 1

At Thornaby Academy, all students participate in a number of Respect Days throughout the year and Monday 25 September 2017 was the first of the new academic year. A range of organisations are invited to teach students about topics or issues that they may not learn about in specific subject lessons.

Year 7 students celebrated individuality, as well as increasing their understanding of homophobia and the effects on individuals and their families. We were extremely fortunate to have Mermaids, an organisation passionate about supporting children, young people and their families to achieve a happier life in the face of great adversity. Mermaids helped to raise awareness about gender nonconformity in children and the support available to Thornaby Academy students.

“I learned what effects homophobic bullying can have on people, like suicide and researched three tips to stop homophobic bullying such as reporting it to parents.” Kai Y7

Year 8 students explored the Tees Valley Wildlife Trust gaining an understanding of the environment we live in, how to minimise pollution whilst reducing the effects of the carbon footprint. Students competed against one another to design and create an ‘Insect Hotel’ suitable for attracting all sorts of creepy crawlies within the garden. Congratulations to Joseph, Ebonnie, Jessica, Aaron and Scarlet winners of the most creative ‘Insect Hotel.’ All the ‘Insect Hotels’ will be placed in the Academy gardens over the coming weeks.

All Year 9 students received a copy of the Teen Health Guide (THG), an educational resource designed to reach, engage and deliver key messages to teenagers. The THG focusses on 5 distinct areas of teenage health; mind, body, fitness, fuel and sex. It provides our students with engaging, non-judgmental advice on how to navigate teenage life. Year 9 students also had the opportunity to participate in the PSHE Association’s collaboration project with Cifas, the UK’s leading not-for-profit organisation working to protect against financial crime. The lessons successfully empowered Thornaby Academy students, building their awareness of how to protect themselves from identify fraud and online personal data.

Year 10 students undertook a visit to Teesside University engaging in workshops designed to inspire, motivate and develop their enterprise skills. Students thoroughly enjoyed the ‘Choc-Box Enterprise Challenge’, working in teams to re-launch an existing chocolate product in a new and innovative way.

“I enjoyed learning about the life of a Teesside University student, what it’s like living in halls and how you have to be careful with what you spend your money on.” Ben Y10

Barclays LifeSkills delivered an enthusiastic ‘Money Skills’ workshop to Year 11 students. Introduced to a number of terms and concepts in personal finance, students identified how important money is to them, appreciated and respected the different attitudes people have towards money, as well as evaluating their own personal attitude. A huge thank you to Rob Pickersgill, Kevin Sinclair and the rest of the Barclays LifeSkills team who supported in the delivery of the workshop.

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