Legal Requirements & Policies

Admissions Policy

This policy sets out information on our admission arrangements. It also explains how we consider applications for every age group and arrangements for selecting those that apply. You will also find out oversubscription criteria. Admission information from Stockton Borough Council can be found here (external website)

Serious Incidents and Exclusions

The Academy shall deal with serious incidents and exclusions in line with the policies used by Local Authority schools with Stockton Borough Council and guidelines published by the Department for Education. Appeals against exclusions shall be heard by an Independent Appeals Panel, set up by the Academy Board. The Independent Appeal Panel’s decision is final […]

Special Educational Needs

The Academy aims to ensure that all students are equally valued and have access to the whole curriculum.  All staff are involved in this part of students’ education by effective teaching, learning and classroom management and through well established monitoring and evaluation processes.  All courses are tailored to the differing abilities and aptitudes of the […]

Sex Education

All students are taught sex education in mixed teaching groups. It is undertaken within the Citizenship programme, and includes the biological aspects of human sexuality, contraception, Aids awareness and sexually transmitted diseases. The topic is taught with due regard to the age and maturity of the students.  Any parents/carers having concerns about this are invited […]