Key Stage 3

KS3 Curriculum Model


On arrival at the Academy students are placed in one of our 3 pathways; Roseberry, Carlton & Sutton based on their prior attainment at KS2.  This is reviewed at each assessment point during year 7 to ensure that students are in the correct pathway.

Students in year 7 all follow a core curriculum of 12 subjects.

  • English
  • Maths
  • Science
  • MFL (Spanish)
  • History
  • Geography
  • Computing
  • RE
  • Life Skills
  • PE
  • Expressive Arts (Art, Drama & Music)
  • Design Technology

The year 7 Sutton pathway spend some time in a Nurture Group during which they will have additional literacy and numeracy support as well as covering a humanities curriculum.

The timetable is divided into 25 periods each week and the numbers of hours for each subject area is shown in the table opposite. At present we operate a 2 week timetable so the exact split of lessons may vary slightly between weeks A & B.

In years 8&9 students follow a very similar curriculum model.  In year 9 Roseberry & Carlton students choose to study either History or Geography whilst Sutton students begin a GCSE course in Leisure & Tourism.  Students make other choices for their options during the spring term of year 9.

Details of the Key Stage 3 Curriculum for each subject area can be found by clicking on the links below.

KS3 Maths

KS3 English

KS3 Science

KS3 Geography

KS3 History

KS3 Spanish

KS3 Computing

KS3 Music

KS3 Art



KS3 Technology

2015 Curriculum Model

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Summer Transition Work

When your son / daughter starts with us in September it is important that we know exactly what level they are working at in each of their subjects. Some of the subjects will be subjects that they have not studied before and others like English and Maths they will be very familiar with. In each subject students will undertake a baseline assessment during the first couple of weeks.

In order to help students prepare for their start at the Academy each subject area has put together a range of tasks to be completed over the summer holiday. The completed booklet should be brought into the Academy when they start and taken to every lesson.

In the past we have found that it often takes students a little while to fully engaged in learning following the long break over the summer. Completing one of these tasks every few days over the summer will help students arrive with us fully ready to learn.

Summer Transition Booklet 2015