‘At Thornaby Academy, we strive to deliver excellence for all students.  Our staff are reflective and committed to developing their own knowledge and skills.  This enables them to embed strategies that improve the quality of learning and raise student achievement.’

CPD Pathways

CPD at Thornaby Academy consists of 7 core pathways:

  • ITT Pathway (including School Direct, PGCE, Teach First)
  • NQT Pathway (including NQT +1, NQT +2)
  • Leadership Pathway (including S2S Support, SLEs, SSAT Network, NPQML, Teaching Leaders, NPQSL, NPQH, Future Leaders, Achieve Together)
  • Teaching & Learning Pathway (including PiXL, TeachMeet events and Academy seminars)
  • Coaching Pathway (Even Better Teaching & Learning Programme)
  • Action Research Pathway (including collaborative project-based research)
  • Higher Qualification Pathway (including M.Ed, MA , diploma accreditation)

The ITT Pathway:
This 1 year programme of study has been devised to support and develop colleagues in the earliest stage of their teaching career.  The ITT Pathway will impact directly upon the practice of each colleague providing them with the necessary skills and knowledge to develop their teaching practice, in accordance with Teaching Standards 2013.  Colleagues eligible for the ITT Pathway will benefit from weekly high quality subject-specific mentoring and have frequent opportunity to observe, reflect, theorise and apply newly acquired skills in the classroom.

The NQT Pathway:
This 3 year programme of study (NQT, NQT +1, NQT +2) has been devised to enrich and embed teaching skills already acquired to enthuse learners and drive academic excellence in the classroom. Colleagues eligible for the NQT Pathway will collaborate with other practitioners and actively participate in the sharing of good and better practice across the Academy.  Colleagues following the NQT Pathway will benefit from high quality subject-specific mentoring and have frequent opportunity to observe, reflect, and apply creative and inspiring skills in the classroom.

The Leadership Pathway:
This pathway offers extensive opportunity and consists of several leadership routes to challenge and support colleagues during their transition to middle leadership, senior leadership and headship. Thornaby Academy, a member of the SSAT, offers an impressive range of prestigious professionally recognised qualifications that will prepare colleagues for their next leadership role. Colleagues eligible for the Leadership Pathway will undertake intensive modular training and residential opportunities in accordance with their leadership route.  For example: NPQM module, Leading Teaching; Future Leaders module, Succeeding in Headship.

In addition, Thornaby Academy is part of the Shotton Hall Teaching School Alliance, giving our colleagues access to an extensive leadership network of SLEs, NLEs and practicing Ofsted inspectors.

The Teaching & Learning Pathway:
The Teaching & Learning Pathway offers a variety of exciting opportunities to inspire and enhance the very best practice.  Colleagues benefit from TeachMeet events, weekly T&L workshops and seminars, SLE guidance through the Shotton Hall Teaching Alliance and personalised membership with the PiXL network.  In addition, Learning Support Assistants benefit from a personalised CPD route to ensure that they are highly skilled to meet the needs of all Academy students.  Thornaby Academy recognises that high quality learning is underpinned by high quality teaching.  The Teaching & Learning Pathway instils confidence in stakeholders that the quantitative and qualitative impact of CPD is realised through student experience and outcomes.

The Coaching Pathway:
The Coaching Pathway offers colleagues the opportunity to collaborate and reflect with other practitioners.  The coaching focus is reviewed half termly in response to Academy monitoring outcomes.  Colleagues are expected to actively engage in the Even Better Teaching & Learning Programme, to disseminate knowledge and skills that will impact positively on staff development and student outcomes.  During 2013/2014, coaching time and resources have been invested in effective questioning, differentiation, marking assessment and feedback, communication skills. The quality of the Even Better Teaching & Learning Programme is exceptional, offering every teacher a personalised opportunity to work collaboratively and reflectively with an outstanding practitioner.

The Action Research Pathway:
The Action Research Pathway enables colleagues to examine and investigate practice ascertaining to an area of personal educational interest.  Through a continuous reflective approach the Academy is developing a learning community where outstanding practice is based on strong evidence and is shared through partnership opportunities.  In 2013/2014, Thornaby Academy secured Education Endowment Foundation funding and is currently involved in action research with Durham University to investigate the correlation between educational achievement and social disadvantage;  Thornaby Academy has successfully demonstrated that the attainment gap can be closed and that young people from all backgrounds can be highly successful and fulfil their potential.  In addition, further links have recently been made with High Tech High, San Diego, a world leader in project-based learning.

The Higher Education Pathway:
The Higher Education Pathway offers an exciting opportunity to theorise and practise whilst gaining prestigious academic recognition for CPD undertaken in partnership with the Academy’s sponsor, Teesside University.  Colleagues have the opportunity to follow a full time or part time route to suit their own personal circumstances and can choose their area of specialist interest, Teaching & Learning or Leadership.  The Higher Education Pathway deepens colleagues’ professional understanding by enhancing knowledge of theories, methodology and practices to apply within the Academy setting.  Assessment for higher education qualifications takes a variety of formats, including oral presentations, assignments, portfolios and reflective journals.